Commercial Electrician Services in Townsville

Electrical problems can be bad and not just because your items won’t work properly. Some electrical issues can be fire hazards, shock hazards and even more dangerous hazards. The last thing you want in your business is any chance of your customers or employees getting hurt. To prevent potential incidents from happening, call a commercial electrician at Ross Greenwood Electrical. 

We have the skills and experience necessary to properly deal with a variety of electrical problems. A commercial electrician from our company has dealt with laundry machines, food preparation machines and much more. There are very few electrical problems that we can’t diagnose and fix.

Local Assistance

We know the Townsville area well and we’ve helped many business owners with their electrical problems in the past. We are your friendly neighbours who are determined to find a solution to your electrical woes, so we are someone who you can trust. 

If you ever have a situation that would be best handled by a commercial electrician, call us on 07 4725 5051. We will quickly come to your business and help you get things in order. We know that your equipment and electricity is important, so we will never waste your time.

Extensive Help

We appreciate your patronage and we will strive to serve you to the best of our abilities. This means that we provide honest and personable customer services in addition to our standard work. We will answer any questions you have and guide you toward the solutions that we think are truly best.

Don’t let your commercial business be slowed down without electricity. Ross Greenwood Electrical can come to your building and make sure your electrical system works and is up to safety standards. We are happy to serve you throughout the Townsville area, and we hope that you will call us soon.